Outcast of Redwall

An escape into the snowbound winter night starts a lifelong enmity between two young creatures - a badger and a ferret. By turns they become the hunter and the hunted in this epic tale stretching from the north to the east wastelands.

Will Sunflash the Mace find Salamandastron and fulfil his destiny? What drove Swartt Sixclaw to wrest power from Bowfleg, which would make him warlord of a great horde? And why did the Abbess of Redwall banish a young creature from her Abbey, a sentence which forced a heartbreaking decision upon a mousemaid, linking her destiny to that of... the Outcast of Redwall?

Rakkety Tam

From beyond the cold northern seas and the lands of ice, a terrifying beast arrives on the shores of Mossflower Country: Gulo the Savage! With his crew of white-furred vermin, this creature out of nightmare comes to murder his brother and seize the fabled Walking Stone. Nobeast is safe from the mighty Gulo, who feasts on the flesh of his enemies.

But something stands between Gulo and what he seeks: the ancient Abbey of redwall. Who will come to the aid of Abbot Humble and his peaceful woodlanders? The mercenary warrior from the borders, Rakkety Tam MacBurl, that's who! With his mate Wild Doogy Plumm, the brave squirrel sets forth on a quest to rescue two kidnapped Redwall maidens, and joins forces with one hundred perilous hares from the Long Patrol. Together they face a battle that ranges far over the plains, streams and woodlands of Mossflower in this epic tale of war, courage and comradeship.

Hark to the battlecries: Redwaaaaaaall! Eulaliiiiaaaa! Haway the Braaaaaaw!


Redwall slumbers in the summer sun, unaware that Lord Urthstripe's mountain fortree os Salamandastron liles besieged by the weasel army of Ferahgo the Assassin. Or that danger is creeping up on the Abbey: the deadly Dryditch Fever...

But when Mara the badger leaves Salamandastron, and the sword of Martin the Warrior sends Samkin and Arula from Redwall, the fates of the two strongholds becomes entwined through their dangerous and seemingly separate quests. Through forest and swamp and over great waters, Samkin, Mara, the ghostly white badger and a host of other brave creatures reach the same goal - the final battle for Salamandastron!

The Bellmaker

More than four seasons have passed since Mariel the Warriormouse and the rogue mouse, Dandin, set off from Redwall in search of adventure, and Joseph the Bellmaker is worried. Where is his beloved daughter? Joseph's answer comes to him in a dream, and soon he's off, accompanied by the intrepid Finnbarr Galedeep and the brave crew of the good ship, Pearl Queen, to save a kingdom and rescue Mariel.

But what's behind the riddle in the dream? Can Joseph guess its meaning and find his daughter before the dreaded Foxwolf, Urgan Nagru, plunders the kingdom of Southsward? Can this be the end of Mariel the Warriormouse? The momentous questions of this seventh epic in the Redwall series will hold a new audience of readers in its magical spell and captivate dedicated Redwall followers as well.

The Great Redwall Feast

Shhh! There's much to be done, but Father Abbot must not know. For the creatures of Redwall - the abbeymice and hares, otters and moles - are planning a surprise feast in their dear Abbot's honor. There is a cake to be baked, marchpane to be rolled. Stirring and sifting, smoothing and brewing.

But wait. Where's that rascal Bungo? No doubt his sticky paws have found another plum pie. Bungo!

Such confusion! Can all these delicacies possibly be finished in time? And how can the Redwallers keep such a grand feast from their Abbot's keen eyes? There must be a way...

Discover the answer for yourself in this first illustrated storybook from acclaimed writer Brian Jacques, author of the enormously successful Redwall series. With charming illustrations by Christopher Denise that capture all the warmth, spirit, and fun of this story, The Great Redwall Feast will bring generations of new fans to the friendly abbey known the world over as Redwall.

The Legend of Luke

A floodtide of memories poured in on Martin's senses. Every rock, even the wind-driven sand drifts, looked familiar to him. Turning to his tired companions, the Warrior spoke in a hoarse whisper. 'I was born here; I know this place.'

A young hedgehog maid visits Redwall Abbey and sings a half-remembered song recounting the adventures of a warrior called Luke. This chance meeting begins a tale of two quests: that of a son to find his father and that of a father to avenge the murder of his beloved wife.

The son is Martin the Warrior, founder of Redwall, who sets forth from the Abbey seeking the truth about the father he barely knew. His journey takes him home to the northland shore, meeting friends and enemies, old and new, and leading him to an extraordinary shipwreck. The wreck, the Arfship, is home to three ancient veteran warriors who have in their possession a dusty old volume. Inside is the story of Martin's early life and the dramatic account of his father Luke's pursuit of his hated enemy, the pirate stoat, Vilu Daskar.

Brian Jacques' skilful narrative is told in three parts, interweaving the stories of father and son. Addressing some of the mysteries behind the Abbey's early years, this book provides answers that no Redwall fan will want to miss.

The Long Patrol

The hares of the Long Patrol, my lads,
Love friendship more than gold
We'll share long days, and tread hard ways,
Good comrades, brave and bold!

To run with the Long Patrol, to join the legendary army of fighting hares who serve Cregga Rose Eyes, Ruler of Salamandastron - this is young Tammo's dream.

In the heart of Mossflower Wood stands Redwall Abbey, peaceful in the gentle sun. But there is worrying news. The south wall is collapsing, leaving the Abbey open to invasion.

Damug Warfang, at the head of a thousand Rapscallions, the deadliest horde of foebeasts ever to jump from ship to shore, is looking for plunder and slaughter. Can anybeast stand against the conqueror and his savage tropps?

From the north and from the west, friends are on the move. Major Perigord's Long Patrol has a score to settle.

Rousing adventure, songs, riddles, mysteries, feasts - and friends, old and new - are all here in this sweeping new saga from the chronicles of Redwall.

The Pearls of Lutra

 'Lookalooka! Down there! Eeeeeeeee!'

Tansy gazed into the rift. With a gasp of horror she found herself staring into the eyeless sockets of a skull... Thunder rumbled as a vivid flash of lightning lit up the stark scene. A scream of terror tore itself from the hedgehog maid's throat.

The gruesome discovery of a skeleton in Mossflower woods heralds the start of both a mystery and a quest.

Far away, on the tropical island of Sampetra, Emperor Ublaz, also known as Mad Eyes, sends his fearsome lizards and corsairs on a murderous mission to Redwall. Back at home, the Abbey dwellers race against time to unravel a fiendishly difficult series of riddles. At a northern shore, a young otter fashions a bow and arrows from a yew branch and vows to avenge the slaughter of her family.

Why does Martin, son of Mattimeo, undertake a perilous voyage with his brave companions? Who is Grath Longfletch and why do vermin fear her green-plumed arrows? And what are the fabulous Tears of all Oceans that inspire such passion and greed?

This thrilling adventure ranges from the secret places at Redwall Abbey, far across the ocean, through storm and iceberg, to the island beyond where the sun sets. Master storyteller, Brian Jacques, has created another unforgettable saga in the time-honoured tradition of Redwall.

The Redwall Cookbook

For almost twenty years, devoted gluttons of the Tales of Redwall have craved the most tantalising of dishes. Great Hall Gooseberry Fool, Shrimp 'n' Hotroot Soup. Mole's Favourite Deeper 'n Ever Turnip 'n' Tater 'n' Beetroot Pie washed down with Summmer Strawberry Fizz.

Now you can create---and even better, EAT --- all the fantastic dishes found only behind the Abbey walls of Redwall, home to the brave creatures of Mossflower Wood. With full-color illustrations throughout, a fun new tale from Redwall to tie together all the recipes, and a special note from Brian Jacques himself, The Redwall Cookbook is certain to turn inexperienced Dibbuns into seasoned chefs. A gift like no other for fans of the series, old or new."

Serve warm with a generous helping of storytelling magic.

Please note that this item is a large glossy paperback with a cleanable dustjacket, not a hardback book.

The Ribbajack

What if revenge were a monster of your own creation? If all you needed to summon this monster were enough hatred and enough imagination? Which of you would really be the monster? One boy is about to find out...

From vengeance monsters to haunted schools to the threat of a modern-day Medusa, New York Times best-selling author Brian Jacques spins six all-new tales of horror and suspense. Read on, but be careful of what brews in your heart. You may just find yourself the next victim of the Ribbajack...